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Static Safe Products Home Page: Military, Industrial, Telecom, Medical, Electro-Static Discharge Protection, ESD Secure Cabinet, Workstation Cabinet STATIC SAFE® Cabinets and Carts Protect Printed Circuit Boards and Electronic Assets from Electro Static Discharge (ESD).

ESD destroys printed circuit boards, electronics and magnetic media. Independent industry studies show that ESD ruins hundreds of millions of dollars of these electronic assets yearly.

A key to securing printed circuit boards is static safe storage cabinets and carts that prevent ESD damage.

STATIC SAFE® PRODUCTS designs and manufactures cabinets and carts that help prevent ESD.

LAPTOP LOCK-UP® makes Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks, Handhelds, and E-tools more efficient by providing Communications, Battery Charging, and Security in a Computer Storage Cabinet.
Laptop Lock-up®
10 Drawer Model
(pictured below)
Laptop Lockup 10 drawer

Laptop Lock-up®
11 Drawer Aluminun
E-Tool Model
(pictured below)
Laptop Lock-up® LL-10-07-AL 11-DRAWER E-TOOL CABINET ESD Protection
Laptop Lock-Up®
Model LL-10-07-AL

Laptop Lock-up®
Model LL-16/20-07-CAC
(pictured below)
Laptop Lock-Up Model LL-16/20-07-CAC Front View: Secure Laptop Cabinet, Secure Laptop Charging

Laptop Lock-up®
5 Drawer Model
(pictured below)
Laptop Lockup 5 Drawer

Laptop Lock-up®
20 Drawer Model
(pictured below)
Laptop Lock-Up Model LL 20 Front View

Laptop Lock-up®
Deployable E-Tool
Cabinet LL7D-07
(pictured below)
Laptop Lock-Up Deployable E-Tool Cabinet Model LL7D-07
(front view)

A mobile workforce using laptops and handhelds is a powerful instrument to service customers and make them more efficient and profitable.

These laptops and handhelds bring new concerns:

  • Charging the stored notebook's battery,
  • The battle to keep data on notebooks updated and company databases refreshed,
  • Laptops are easily stolen,
  • Computer laptop security cabinets must be simple to set up and maintain.
LAPTOP LOCK-UP® answers these issues:
  • Patented, coiled communications wiring system provides dial tone or local area network communications connections to laptops, notebooks, netbooks, and handhelds.
  • Battery charging is done in the notebook security cabinets during off hours.
  • When not in use, laptops, notebooks, handhelds, and e-tools are safely locked and secured in the computer cabinet.
  • Drastically reduced total cost of ownership using a patented coiled wiring system for both communications and battery charging.
LAPTOP LOCK-UP® – a tool that makes laptops, notebooks, netbooks, handhelds, and e-tools more efficient, makes mobile workers better able to service customers, and makes organizations more profitable.


LAPTOP LOCK-UP® cabinets provide safe storage, charging and communication solutions for deployable military maintenance technicians throughout the United States and OCONUS.
Each technician is assigned an individually keyed drawer to store their ruggedized computer. The drawer has the capability to charge the laptop battery and connect the laptop to the WLAN through a data communication connection provided by a patented coiled Cat 6 wiring system with an Ethernet switch.

Wireless LAN solutions from STATIC SAFE® PRODUCTS enable organizations to extend the reach of their enterprise networks beyond offices and other wired facilities. With WLAN technology, users in remote or hard-to-wire locations such as aircraft flight lines and
landing decks can access databases, information and applications just as if they were connected to the wired enterprise LAN. This E-Tool cabinet can be used as a solution for various deployable missions and assignments.

Laptop Lock-Up Deployable E-Tool Cabinet Model LL7D-07 (Rear View )
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